Sett is a premier photography and filmmaking company that focuses on hospitality. We want your guests to understand your commitment to their comfort and holistic experience.

Sett is a premier photography and filmmaking company that focuses on church media. We want to help you position the story of the Gospel in a meaningful way that incorporates strong visuals, compelling narratives, and quality production.


Church Media & Narratives

Over the years, hospitality has become the epicenter of our visual work. We love seeing our clients establish trust, build recognition, and forge a lasting bond with their consumers. Our photographs and film create a story—they create a place where your guests can lose themselves and imagine themselves swept up in the world that you create for them. Whether you’ve crafted a boutique souk in the desert or urban respite in the city, we want to help you showcase why you are the best decisions your guests can ever make.


Quality of work can be expected only through personal satisfaction, dedication and enjoyment. In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensible luxury, but a simple necessity.



The foundation of an amazing experience is built upon trust. Your guests want to ensure that you will be the gatekeeper of their leisure. We want to ensure that this is the case. Through stunning visuals, we want to translate your guests’ dreams into reality so that they will be certain that their choice to spend time at your hotel, restaurant, or lounge is truly the only reasonable option.